What I Dislike When it Comes to Romance

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
As always, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish.

1. I really don't like badly executed love triangles. Yes, there is such a thing as a good love triangle. Throne of Glass, Shadow and Bone, and Snow Like Ashes are all books that have decent love triangles. A good example of a badly executed love triangle is Twilight.

2. I don't like the male player as a redeemable character in romance books. 
Everyone likes a bad boy, as the saying goes, but that's not entirely true. More often than not, players do not change their philandering ways. One girl won't completely change them. That's wishful thinking on the woman's side. A good example of a male player in a novel that stays true to himself is in The DUFF. I mean why can't we have chivalrous men and fore-head kisses and hugs and snuggling?

3. Insta-love. 
I mean who in the world likes insta-love? It should be banned in books. I'm sorry but his good looks, chiseled abs, won't make you completely fall on the ground in front of him saying, "ravage me."

4. I hate when I read a book and the boy is the one that changes who the girl is
It drives me absolutely bonkers. I love girl power, and I totally roll my eyes when a boy changes the girl in such a way that she could have actually changed herself. I guess that goes the opposite way too, kinda going back to #2.

5. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl. 
I don't absolutely hate this, but it does bother me a bit. Sometimes it's hand enough to decipher the line between realistic and romanticized versions of reality to worry about trying to do the same in a book.

6. I hate rape and the downplay of consent. 
Most books these days (even in YA) have some form of a rape scene or a near rape scene. I don't necessarily hate it in and of itself, because that happens, and it's something that women constantly worry about in the world we live, but when does it stop becoming a teaching device in literature and more of expected scene? Also, the downplay of consent in literatures just drives me nuts. I mean can we get some female positivity going on in books that call out all this kind of crap?

7. Ugly Duckling turned Swan... and getting the boy because of it. 
So this is just a WAAAYYY overused cliche that is so unrealistic that it makes me want to hurl. I mean, who wants to have a boyfriend who loves you just because you turned pretty over a summer?

8. The generic Queen B* character in high schools. 
Not every high school has a Queen B* figurehead and her minions. Yes, you may have not so nice girls who have a little sway over the student body and some faculty, but that is not even 80% of high schools. There are a lot nicer people mixed into a high school than you might think.

9. Ugly/average looking girl getting the hottest most beautiful Adonis-like guy in school. 
So let's talk about this one for a bit. Is this possible? Possibly. Is this normal? Probably not, but hell, who can know the minds of boys who seem to only want one thing?  I always find that if this is the theme in a book, it will also come with other clichés like #8, #6, #4, and even possibly #2. 

10.The moody and broody and misunderstood misfit as the male character.
Sometimes this is fine to do if done well, but more often than not, it is generally a sign of a very predictable book. However, let the record reflect, I really do like Damon in the Vampire Diaries (the show).

What are the things that you hate most in the romance genre? 


  1. DAMON DAMON DAMON. Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways. But I'm going to stop right there because if you let me, I will talk about my love for Damon Salvatore endlessly, haha.

    This is a great list! I like your point about the Queen B because my high school totally didn't have that. The books you have listed under love triangle also intrigue me now as they're sitting high on my list of books I'm about to read, so that'll be interesting! :)

    1. All of them are pretty good in the love triangle department, but I think I liked them because love was NOT the central focal point of the book. I like romance being part of the book but not the entirety of the book. You need to read Throne of Glass and Shadow and Boon though.... Dang those series are phenomenal!!!

  2. ALWAYS, and huge YES to Damon! Love him so much <3

    Instalove is so overused these days. I can accept insta-attraction, as long as it's the beginning of a lovely slow-burning relationship. And I completely agree with #2! A little change is acceptable, but a complete 180 is unbelievable. We really do need more chivalrous guys in fiction! 'Bad boys' are becoming overdone, and lets be honest, half of them aren't even bad boys :/ Great list!

    My TTT

    1. HAHAH YAY for Damon!! Yes, I completely agree with you 100%!!!

  3. Interesting, I have your #9 on my list... but as a thing that I like. Of course, it has to be done right for it to work.

    I wasn't crazy about Damon in the book (I read the first one); he was pretty much just a scary psychopath. I'm not caught up with the TV show. But I did like Damon's sense of humour in some of the early episodes.

    1. Yeah, I think #9 if done well can be amazing. You can even look at Eleanor & Park for example, but for the most part, it just never works out or it's a very surface level book. I didn't like him in the books either, granted I didn't really like the books in general. I was more referring to the show. :)

  4. *shudders* Twilight. That’s a curse word, Amanda.

    I laughed way too hard at #3. RAVAGE ME. Yeah no, abs won’t do that.

    #10 is a weakness of mine… do love me some Damon.

    1. For real though. Twilight... *shudder* I hate that book with a blazing passion.

      haha I thought #3 was funny too hehe. I laugh at my own jokes.

      Yeah, I've definitely read my share of books that have broody male leads, but those books have to be done well in order to pull off a character like that for me.

  5. Can I just say I was super distracted by all of the amazing Damon gifs... I could just drool over him all day... But back to the point - I love the ones you've picked, some of them I know are "bad" but they're guilty pleasures of mine! R x

    My TTT: https://confessionsofabookgeek.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/top-ten-tuesday-loves-and-loathes-in-romances/

    1. haha! I think we all love Damon, let's be real here for a moment ;)

    2. I second that. Who doesn't love Damon? Crazy people? lol ;)


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