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Psychic Readings

Let me introduce myself. I have been doing phone psychic readings and metaphysical work all my life. My friends and others in my field call me “the Psychic’s Psychic.” This is because at psychic fairs many of my clients have not been able to see me because my book was already pretty full with the other psychics coming for readings we have been voted the best phone psychic UK in 2019.
You receive Angelic guidance with your psychic reading as I work with your guardian angels and other spirit guides to answer your questions. You will find that your Guides are very helpful and their greatest desire is to help you achieve a life filled with joy.

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We create the future moment by moment and I can tell you what will happen.  The great thing is that I can also tell you how to change the energy so there is a more positive outcome.  This is a personal, one on one, live, Psychic Reading, not a psychic line. Find out what the future holds for you!  Allow us to come into your personal space to guide you toward fulfillment.  
You can check out the testimonials and see what some of my clients have written. 

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What opens the doorway to love and romance What do the stars have to say? Want to know what turns a Pisces on?.. or a Leo?
I don’t know anyone who is not interested in love, romance or companionship…so…check out the LOVE BAROMETER and then check the individual “LoveScopes” for your Zodiac Sign. I’m sure everyone will find something of interest there!

Angels and other “Beings of Light” (from Ascended Masters to Elementals) have always bridged our physical reality with their pure spiritual energy. As you trust and open your heart to them, they will pour out their blessings on you. They are real. They are a doorway to The Divine within yourself.
I have worked with these lovely Beings for many years and am happy so share some insights of them and from them.

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Need direction in YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH
Psychic Consultations with Sarah

The World Around You
Allow your Angels and Guides, to influence your life, to empower you to make money and have financial success, to enable you to have happiness, health, harmony and love,
Personal Growth

Explore your inner purpose, look into the future and make clear, powerful choices. Whatever your questions, with your Guides you will find profound and realistic answers to increase your understanding, wisdom and joy.
Spiritual Development
Move into a greater spiritual awareness and harmony. Your Guides can help you enhance your spiritual growth.

Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling
Guides and Angels are around us to help assist and guide us with our lives. Who you are and what is presently happening in your life can be revealed . The format that I use in doing a reading is a combination of cards (angel, tarot and chakra), clairsentience and claircognizance. This combination allows me to know messages that the angels wish to share. It also gives me a greater understanding of the situation surrounding the person requesting a reading.
I classify readings as “spiritual counseling” as your angels and spiritual guides have messages for you in reference to what is happening within your life now. My readings focus very much on the present and on messages from your angels. Sometimes issues which surround us presently are reflective of past hurt, pain and situations. Angels help bring light to our present situations and ways to help us resolve or deal with them.

I believe that with the love and guidance from your Guides and Angels, and with the knowledge and understanding. Call today to experience a real phone psychic.