10 restoration tips for Charlotte homes


Every property owner needs to maintain their building properly in Charlotte NC. If they find any tiny leak then they immediately need to restore it. Small issues can be solved very quickly and the property owner needs to check the out of sight areas, which can develop leaks and humidity problems call a Charlotte restoration spanglerestores.com/ company. 


  • Continuing roof leaks can leadwood to deteriorate and weaken the roof and roof frame can become rotten. 
  • In case there is no attic then the size of the leak will be very big and it will damage the interior of the ceiling soon where this also will damage the walls, ceiling-mounted fans, lights, etc. To solve this immediately before complete restoration is needed. You can call a service water restoration team to investigate and solve the problem. Not only it should be restored from the water from fire, storm also it should be restored after these natural calamities. 
  • Buried below the basement where excess of moisture in the basement can lead cracks to occur in the foundation and it compromise the structural integrity of your house. It will also make your wooden beams and supports to be damaged. This can be solved by don’t keep washer or dryer in your basement always keep your basement area to be dry and do damp proofing to prevent from the moisture and humid. 
  • Wet basement is also health hazard where a damp basement will bring uninvited tenants inside your home like cockroach, rat’s waste which will trigger the asthma attacks, which creates unhealthy environment and make you to fall sick. This damp area is a perfect place to breed ground for the mold, mildew and fungus. 
  • This wet basement also leads to electric shock by wires or by electrical components which comes contact with the water.   
  • Crawl spaces are the limited area height under a floor or a roof which has the clearance for pipelines, plumbing and for electrical wiring. In some older house they will have higher foundation with crawl space which will allow cooling air to circulate to the entire house.
  • Sometimes this will also cause the termites and if water stagnant then it will affect the foundation of the enclose space can or else it will rot the woods, mold, mildew and high electric bills. To prevent from this problem always keep it dry and close the area. 
  • Always inspect the roof form rain seepage behind the split shingles and in leaky flashing. In under insulated attics insulate all exposed attic pipes to prevent from freezing and frigid winter temperatures from rupture of pipes. 
  • Control the condensation with the proper working with vents, soffits and powered vent fans at the roof. Always maintain the attic appliances properly by flushing hot water heater. Also inspect the clogged condensate drain line which will trigger the overflow in the HVAC. 
  • Consider an overflow safety which will switch to automatic shutdown to the unit before it gets damage occurs by the water. 


Hope these suggestions will be helpful for your home restoration process and do regular maintenance for your building safety.