To be a qualified CPA in Charlotte NC, you need to meet the criteria as outlined in the Code of Ethics for CPA’s. This is set forth by the National Association of Professional Investigators (NAPPI) and it states that you must have the skills to administer the necessary tax-related assessments, to evaluate the tax return documents, and to prepare, and file tax returns in accordance with state and federal laws.

In order to become a CPA, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. This can be obtained from a community college, a college that offers an associate’s degree program, or from an institution offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in tax law. You must also pass a state exam, which is offered by several different state agencies including the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

The NCR exam is typically taken in the spring and is only open to those who are already employed by a tax preparation service. The NCR exam is designed to test not only your knowledge of the tax code, but also your general ability to interpret tax-related documents. Some of the tests include questions about the interpretation of the various forms, questions about the application of tax laws to business situations, and a question about your ability to assess the financial records of certain types of businesses.

It is important to understand that the NCR exam is not the only examination required to become a qualified CPA. Many states require CPA certification as well.