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How to Change My IP Address without Using Software?

In order to change your IP address, you may opt for the change IP address software. But often experts use to say that such method is not prominent on the use. If you really want to change IP address perfectly, then you should follow the basic steps. If you don’t know how to do it manually right at your computer, then this piece of writing may offer you more helps.

Private Internet Access is it good?

Sometime it is becoming highly essential to change IP address manually. Some sort of network issues may arise and to sort out those problems you will require changing IP address manually. If you are using multiple PCs on a same network, then manual change of IP address can bring in better results for you. All you need to follow the step by step process and you will manage to end up with a better result.

  • First you need to Click Start
  • Go to the control panel
  • Double click on the network connections
  • Double click the enabled device under the LAN or the High Speed Internet
  • Right at the Status box window, click on the Properties button
  • Drag the Properties window beside the Status window
  • Click on the Support tab provided at the Status window
  • Click on the Details button, where you will find details for changing your IP manually
  • Scroll down at the Properties window to get the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Then select Use the Following IP address
  • Then assign a unique digit for each machine on the network
  • The subnet mask has always a default value of and you can find it in most of the cases
  • Copy that default gateway from the network
  • Copy the DNS server info from the details
  • Close the windows and test the internet connection
  • Repeat this process with all the machines on the network and allot a unique IP for each
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Best Ac Repair Charlotte

Can’t I Just Close Off the Vents to My Unused Rooms?
Sometimes when growing up, our parents would shut the vents off to specific rooms to save on the bill. It made sense right? If the system didn’t need to keep working to cool that room, it would save you money.

There is nothing wrong with saving a little money, however, closing off vents can actually cause more stress on an HVAC unit. Even though the air did’t go to that room, it isn’t re-directed. It ends up causing some back pressure and could cost you more money in maintenance later than the money you are saving by not cooling those unused rooms.

“I’ll just call a handy-man I know to help me fix it.”
In order to save money, you may be tempted to call on the help of someone who isn’t certified in AC and HVAC repair and maintenance. This can be a huge mistake. We have seen MANY CASES where this happened and the friend ended up doing more damage than good. Don’t put your AC in the hands of a non-certified tech. Trust us, having a trained professional makes all the difference in keeping your home cool and saving as much money as possible while doing it.

There are some things you can do around your house to save money on cooling your home. Just by doing a few simple things, you’ll extend the life of your Air Conditioner and the system as a whole.
1. Clean the area around your outdoor Condenser
By keeping the area around your condenser free of debris, leaves, and dirt, you’ll help it to “breath” better and prevent malfunction. For an in-depth clean, we recommend you call a service professional.
2. Keep curtains and blinds closed
​ When the sun is peering through your window, it can heat up objects in the room and cause more heat absorption. By closing off the blinds, you’ll help keep some of that heat out.
3. Get a smart thermostat
With a programable thermostat, you’ll be able to “tell” your HAVC system to adjust in temperature along with the times you’ll be out of the house. Also, by raising the temperature a few degrees in the summer, the AC unit won’t have to work quite as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.
4. Avoid using the dryer and oven during the warmest parts of the day
When you use your dryer, you are putting warmed air back into your home. This causes the AC unit to work harder to change that temperature back. Additionally, if you can help it, don’t use the oven during the day when the Air Conditioner is working its hardest. Again, it just re-introduces heat back into your home and your AC unit must remain on longer to compensate.
5. Keep vents clean and unhidered
By keeping your vents and the areas around your vents clear of any obstructions, you’ll allow the flow of air to move unrestricted which allows your AC unit to operate most efficiently.
6. Keep hot appliances away from the thermostat
When a lamp or other appliance that gives off heat is close to your thermostat, it can cause an incorrect reading of the temperature. The system thinks it needs to keep running, even though the rest of your home is cooled to the correct level.

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Looking for water damage Greensboro NC?

Water damage Greensboro NC are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for any water removal emergency. We have the training and equipment to safely dry, disinfect, and deodorize the areas that have been affected by flooding or leaking.  Let us help to restore your Greensboro NC property while preventing future damage.

Water Damage Can Occur as a Result of:

  • Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other storms where rainwater may flood your home
  • Frozen or broken pipes, including sewer backups
  • Air conditioner or water heater leaks
  • Overflows from appliances such as washing machines, toilets, bathtubs, or toilets
  • Outside leaks from foundation faults or basements
  • Fire (being extinguished with water)
  • Floodplain location


What Do I Do If I Have Water Damage?

Don’t delay; call us right away!  We will inspect and assess the water damage, but acting quickly is really important. Moisture and standing water will continue to cause more damage the longer it goes untreated.

Depending on our findings, the following equipment may be necessary:

  • Hygrometers or moisture detectors – Finding excess moisture so that we can remove it
  • Pumps – Using different-sized pumps, depending on the damage level, to vacuum up water and transfer it securely to containers
  • Drying equipment – Drying all moisture with high-powered fans and dehumidifiers so that no mold will grow after we leave
  • Sanitation tools – Freeing your property of any bacteria, mildew, odors or mold after we complete the basic water removal process

Can I Do it Myself?

We have had special training so that we can make the process go smoothly and safely.  Water damage Greensboro NC will give you peace of mind that the job will be done the right way, restoring your home or office to a completely safe, clean environment.  Not only that, but there are many dangers involved when trying to remove water yourself. The water could carry some bacterial diseases, and there are many electrical risks when working around water.

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What Is A Graphics Card And How Does It Work?

A graphics card is a device that allows your computer to take data from the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and turns this data into pictures. To put it simply, a graphics card allows you to see images on your computer monitor.The computer graphics card, also called the video card, works like a translator — your computer’s CPU holds data which the graphics card receives as binary data (a series of numbers made up of ones and zeroes) and then translates them into images.


How Do You Measure The Speed Of A Graphics Card?

Measuring the speed of your computer graphics card is not simple because there are many factors that affect how fast a graphics card can do its job and these depend on what tasks the card is performing.

The best graphics card overall performance measurement is its frame rate per second (FPS). This describes the number of images the graphics card displays per second. Although our human eyes can process 25 FPS, the best graphics card for games would require at least 60 FPS so that there is good animation and scrolling.

Frame Rate Has Several Components Such As:

Vertices or Triangles per second: Those 3-D images are made of polygons or triangles and the measurement tells you how fast the GPU builds a wire frame image. Then, the graphics card rasterizes the image (fills in the gaps or remaining pixels) while also adds color, lighting, and texture.

 Pixel Fill Rate: This give the number of pixels the GPU can process in a second, which translates to how quickly it can convert a digitized image into a format suitable for display on a computer monitor.

The hardware of a graphics cards for laptops and computer graphics card directly affects its speed. The CPU and motherboard also play a role as even the fastest graphics card will not be able to compensate for the inability of a motherboard to quickly deliver data. Also, the connection of the card to the motherboard and how fast it can get instructions from the computer’s CPU affects its functioning.

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How To Have A Great Teepee Party

10 Tips To Having A great Teepee Party

Teepee parties are all the rage amongst children between 4-12 years old at the moment. With a massive surge worldwide of families wanting to host slumber parties for the kids, a teepee party at is a perfect solution. If you are unsure if a tipi birthday is right for you to know it is the fastest growing party idea around atm. With small businesses popping up everywhere providing tents and teepees for the special event get in early and book months before as simply waiting for ques are getting extremely long as the industry struggles to fill the demand.

Some awesome ideas for your next teepee party

Theme the kids’ teepee party as much as possible. Include invites, balloons, cake and ask the kids attending the sleepover party to dress up as the theme you have chosen. This helps set the mood and assists in the children using there imagination and getting right into the party. Watch the children go crazy running in and out of there tent dressed as Batman or princess ana.

Make sure you know the children you are inviting. When throwing a slumber teepee celebration you will want as little stress as possible. If you have invited a child who does not sleep away from his parents well you could be in for a nasty surprise and it may, in fact, ruin the birthday to some degree. Make sure they are fine with sleeping away from home.

Choose the company you hire your teepees from wisely. Make sure they disinfect and clean the teepees after every party. There is nothing worse than seeing a mess on your child’s tent you have just spent big dollars on.

Make sure the teepee provider also has all there staff police checked before hiring the tipi. The last thing you want is an undesired person in your house around you and your children.

How to get the best deal on your teepee birthday party

Ring around gets at least three or four quotes. Find a provider that is happy to bargain or do a cash deal. Remember these parties are going bananas and it is definitely best practice to book at least 6 weeks in advance. We found a lot of providers for teepees put there prices up as they get busier. If you are ok with choosing one of there standard teepee themes you will save a lot of money. If you want a custom party you will be up for at a 30% premium.



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Who Is Australian Psychic Of The Year?

The History Of Fran Australia’s Most Famous Phone Psychic

Miss Fran from physical as anything is a world-famous and confirmed psychic phone reader as well as clairvoyant by birth, who does very powerful and exclusively positive occult work with his several hundred Voodoo Divinities at his disposal to aid in his work to cleanse, purify from negativity and to bring about success, positivity, health and wealth and to restore all types of relationships that have been broken or damaged. she is contactable over the phone and conducts most of her readings by telephone.

Image result for psychic

Her powerful, very potent and authentic products from Africa are for the first time being presented and sold on the world markets. Very powerful secrets that have never ever been revealed before are now being made available worldwide through the thanks of Mr. J.C. Atiogbé. Potent and real authentic powerful protections that you are able to carry in your purse, in a sac or put in your home that will protect you from all kinds of harm and negativity and magic and evil spells and spirits and many other powerful vices and products that will meet all of your possible desires and needs and there are no other products as powerful and authentic as the products made now available to you by Mr. J.C. Atiogbé.

Call Fran Today & Receive Psychic Blessings

Her plant and herbal based products are all of African origin and as many of you know, products from such origins are very powerful. His plant and herbal based products are very famous for curing all general illnesses and diseases. Many of these plant and herbal based products have very strong medicinal healing abilities and are remedies for many minor illnesses as well. You can order these remedies on your psychic phone call with physical as anything.

These products are of very highest quality and incomparable to anything else on the market. Mr. J.C. Atiogbé 100% guarantees for the absolute efficiency of all of his products.

Many well-known people owe their successes to the professional work of psychics and clairvoyants. Ms Fran from physical as anything has clients coming from all around the world to take advantage of his renownedBalneo-Therapy and his Ancestral Bath-Therapy, as well as for his famous techniques of African Massage-Treatments, which provide positive aid in healing, curing, internal and external cleansing and purification effects and promotes a positive well-being of body and soul.

Many people suffer from spells, magic and from spiritual problems and live day to day in incredible sufferings, not realizing and understanding that they might be under the negative influence of spells, witchcraft and witch-craft. More and more people are beginning to accept and realize that there are things that exist that can create blockages, delays and that can change and affect our lives and destiny, making it almost impossible to acquire any success at all.

Ms Fran can free you from all these sufferings and protect you from any of these influences for a life-time.

She possess a natural talent to see the future very precisely since an early age and who was as well initiated at the age of 9 years old followed by a three year education and who has studied a total of 15 years to individually create and produce cures for health problems and spiritual problems to assure a healthy and successful life.

She is nationally and internationally and is recognized for his vast knowledge of traditional medicinal plants and their professional application, therefore guaranteeing fast astonishing results with his over 500 preparations of herbal base products and his “300 Protections”- all in one product for a life-time spiritual protection as well as his 720 preparations of exclusively esoteric products, which can be purchased whole sale and retail sale. call today for an amazing phone psychic session that will change your life today.

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How To Install Washer Door Lock


In this article we will discuss how to install a washer door lock switch. Specifically we will discuss how to install the lock switch on HE Series Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore, KitchenAid and some Maytag front loading washers.

How to install front load washer door switch 8182634,

1, First disconnect the washer from the electrical supply

2, Then remove the washer door, by removing the two screws securing the door hinge to the washer front and lifting upward

3, Access to the door switch requires that the washer boot, sometimes called the washer door seal, be partially removed from the front of the washer. To do this, you must remove the retaining ring that holds the boot to the front of the washer by using a flat blade screwdriver at the 6 o’clock position. Pry down on the retainer spring and pull the retainer forward and off the perimeter of the boot

3, Next you can roll the boot down far enough that the location of the door switch to expose the three screws that hold the switch in place

4, Removed the three screws, then lift slightly on the switch and push it backwards toward the washer outer tub

5, Now you can pull the switch forward to disconnect the wires

6, Connect the wires to the new switch, mount it in the washer, and reinstall the screws

Contact All-Star Appliance Repair if you still need help.
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Playground Installations and Safety Surfacing

Playgrounds draw in kids like no other spot and there are a scope of playground establishments that incorporate fitting gear from swings to multi utilize diversion zones. Playgrounds give youngsters the opportunity that they don’t get inside. Planning a beautiful and energizing playground for kids is vital anyway there are numerous different contemplations to consider. While playing, kids frequently lose their parity or fall over and this is the reason it is basic to make the playground as sheltered as could be expected under the circumstances. Introducing safe surfacing and hardware can have a significant effect in a fun play time and one that can cause wounds. Parts including containers, seats, signs and fencing ought to likewise be fitted to a working playground.


Security Surfacing

Not exclusively do playground establishments require safe gear, safe surfacing is an essential segment. Wet pour elastic deck is utilized by most organizations as it makes a consistent completion to the play region just as satisfying its fundamental job – to ensure. This not just guarantees that the kid is ensured on the off chance that they fall yet it can likewise add shading to the zone and help mix the play zone into its environment. This kind of surfacing is a definitive in security and furthermore ensuring that playtime is a charming time. The rubberised wellbeing surface is perfect for some games exercises, it is thoughtful to the human body, it offers a delicate landing and furthermore has less effect on legs and knees when running and bouncing. A fixes and upkeep administration can likewise be taken if surfacing has worn or been vandalized.

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Friday Update about NHL Sports

– With Zubrus almost certainly out for tomorrow’s game, everybody is wondering who will take his roster spot. It seems to be down to three players: Dan Paille, Drew Stafford and Nathan Paetsch. Paille is the best defensive forward on the list, Stafford is probably the most balanced, and Paetsch provides the ability to play forward or on the blueline, plus he can be inserted on the powerplay.

– With the concurrent announcement that Lindy Ruff will not break up the all-center line of Chris Drury, Tim Connolly and Derek Roy, Buffalo is also trying to figure out who to put at center between Afinogenov and Vanek. Options at this point appear to be Adam Mair and Ales Kotalik. Kotalik played center before his NHL days, and has filled in at center in Buffalo when needed, while Mair played his share of center when the injury bug bit during March.

– More on the Buffalo woman who got beat up by Ottawa fans here and here. Based on my personal experiences with Ottawa fans, this is not even close to their usual behavior. I won’t even attend Leaf games in Buffalo because of the crowd that Toronto ships down here, but I enjoy Ottawa games because I think their fans that follow the team are everything a hockey fan is supposed to be. Knowledgeable, intelligent and relatively humble, I usually end up in at least one good hockey conversation every time they come to visit. Just like with tales of horror we hear from other barns about Buffalo fans, to judge a fanbase by it’s worst examples would be pretty foolish, although it doesn’t stop a few bloggers out there, now does it?

– This article in the Globe and Mail just pissed me off.

Buffalo fans, long the most nervous in sports because of their history of sporting disasters, are back on the bandwagon. The same folks who were abandoning ship last weekend when the Sabres lost the first two games at home to the Senators were seen knocking women and children out of the lifeboats in their hurry to get back on the good ship Sabres.


Talk about completely missing the pulse of a city. There were 10,000 people inside HSBC Arena for Game 4 – a game played in Ottawa. There were more comments of “we believe” left on this site after Game 3 than I thought possible. Sure, the realist in all of us knows what a longshot it is, but I heard very few people saying “they’re done”. As I said in a previous post, winning four straight isn’t very realistic, but this team has so often defied realism that anything is possible. And even those who did say we don’t have a chance being down 3-0, it’s not like they stopped being Sabre fans – they just calculated the odds, that’s all. Let’s just say that it sounds like the author of the piece, David Shoalts, sounds like he has some sort of ax to grind against Buffalo and wrote what he thought the reaction should be instead of actually doing real reporting. Because the reaction around here was the opposite of what he wrote.


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Get A Quote On A Photocopier

Get A Free Quote On A Sydney Photocopier

I have started to present in my previous article some information related to a color laser printer, namely about the HP Jet 5550dn printer. And I have finished my article by saying that the output resolution is of 600 dpi. If this is not enough, you can use a memory card reader and transfer the information directly from the card. The printing speed is of 27 pages per minute. AWBT photocopiers has the solution for you. We are not told if this is the printing speed in color or in black, but I believe that because this is a printer manufactured by HP, the printing speed of that was named earlier is available for color pages and also for black-and-white documents.

Image result for photocopier

But let’s present also some other characteristics of this product. The brand name is HP, the product line, LaserJet and the product family is LaserJet 5000. The product model is 5550dn, as I have said in the title of this product. The duplex printing is automatic and the memory technology is DDR SDRAM. If you want to be connected to the Internet simply by using this device, you can do this without connecting it to a computer; this is possible because it has an Ethernet port. The operating system’s with which this printer can be used are the Mac OS and obviously the systems that are ran normally by a personal computer.

The type of Ethernet used by this device is Fast Ethernet. The maximum color printing speed is of 28 pages per minute and the maximum black and white printing speed is the same. The date when this printer was available for the first time on Nextag was on November 2, 2006. The average price of the product taking into consideration the prices of this product on the sites where it is sold is of $749.99. If you are interested in the price history, on the same site you can see how the product evolved, how the prices went up or down, how many sellers have sold this product in time and what was the popularity trend of the product. More information about this product, as I have said earlier, only on

If you are interested in other products manufactured by HP, I must tell you that if you search for 11×17 color laser printers or monochrome laser printers on Nextag, you will see only products developed by this brand. Another printer is the HP 5100TN LaserJet printer, that has a starting price of $476, others are: HP Jet 5550n printer, $650, HP 5500dn color laser printer, $699, HP LaserJet C7131A 5500n laser printer, $699.

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